John Fernandes Ltd has diversified with subsidiaries in various industries to meet the market demands.

Fernandes Energy Inc. (FEI)

Oil and Gas Support Services

24 Water Street, Georgetown

Bounty Farm Ltd.

Local producers and nationwide distributor of poultry, stock feed and live chicks

Public Road, Timehri, EBD

(592) 261-2016, 262-2339, 262-2678

Fairfield Rice Inc.

Rice farmers, millers and exporters

24 Water Street, Georgetown

(592) 258-0672

JP Santos & Company Ltd

Real Estate holders and majority owners of Bounty Supermarkets

14 Barima Avenue, Bel Air Park, Georgetown.

592-225-9311 | 592-225-9312 | 592-225-9313 | 592-225-9314